Bayside Club Championships 2017

Bayside Gymnastic Club, Sun Jun 18, 2017

Congratulations to our Club Champions for 2017!

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who participated in our Club Championships 2017.  It was an enjoyable and busy weekend with our Beginner/Introductory, Recreational Boys and GymStar gymnasts competing on Saturday 17th June; and our Competitive gymnasts competing on Sunday 18th June.  The coaches at BGC are so proud of all our gymnasts who displayed great sportsmanship, support and respect for each other over the weekend!


Gymnasts on the Saturday enjoyed competing in a relaxed atmosphere and encouraged each other as they completed their routines on each apparatus.  It was great to witness the smiles and happiness on the faces of our gymnasts as they performed their skills on each apparatus!  


Gymnasts who competed on the Sunday arrived with excitement and determination in their eyes.  It was the first time competing at a new level for many of our gymnasts who have been working hard on new skills and routines for the upcoming competition season 2017. Congratulations to our club champions for 2017:


MAG Level 2

 1st Place - Cooper

2nd Place - Joshua


MAG Level 3/4

1st Place - Bailey (3)

2nd Place - Phoenix (4)

3rd Place - Dylan (4)


WAG Level 1

1st Place - Harper

2nd Place - Allie

3rd Place - Xhiana


WAG Level 2

1st Place - Chantelle

2nd Place - Shilah

3rd Place - Izel


WAG Level 3

1st Place - Chloe

2nd Place - Erin

3rd - Abigail


WAG Level 4

1st Place - Megan

2nd Place - Charlotte

3rd Place - Tahlia


WAG Level 5

1st Place - Sara

2nd Place - Annabelle

3rd Place - Belinda


WAG Level 6

1st Place - Shea

2nd Place - Brittney

3rd Place - Samantha


WAG Level 7

1st Place - Hannah

Last updated: Tuesday September 26, 2017